That moment of relief when you take pain killers after really severe period cramps :3

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Run Balmoral

Anybody enter run balmoral who doesn’t want to do it anymore fancy giving me their place?


pre-serum steve is why steve/peggy and steve/bucky are indomitable otps like u gotta appreciate how badly they wanted 2 tap that tiny little booty before it became the legend it now is



And this is why you always reblog RDJ



*spends the next 17 years trying to catch pikachu*

#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context



every achievement in cinema history has led up to this moment




Can we signal boost this, please?

Or are men just going to cringe and whine about having to get one shot in their weenie?

Pretty sure male contraception would definitely lower abortion rates.  If both partners are protected, how likely do you think an accidental pregnancy will occur?  (In my experience, very few men would choose a condom over nothing, if they know their lover is protected.)

Friendly reminder: Women have gone through remembering to take a pill, daily; shots every three months; having an IUD shoved up their vagina; having an implant stuck under their skin; using a patch in order to keep their ability to conceive under rein.  And if that fails they either suffer pregnancy, miscarriage, or choose the highly stigmatized abortion.

indeed there is ZERO reason that the sex with internal gonads need be the ones to get sterilized. RISUG is even reversible.

Right so I get that people are excited about this, and it’s definitely really interesting. But when considering medical treatments we have to consider what patients will deem as ‘acceptable’. This procedure is more invasive than a lot of contraceptives, and even as a woman it seems like an uncomfortable concept. Damn right I would cringe and whine about getting it done. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be available, that’s not for me to decide, but I do wonder about how many people would actually choose this type of birth control. To me the pill + condoms seems like a much easier way to deal with STD’s and unwanted pregnancy. Who knows, maybe it will catch on, but Tumblr, be more realistic and get rid of the chip on your shoulder, stop moaning about having to remember to take one pill a day or maybe choosing to have an implant because if you’re in a relationship and you want to have sex with someone, it really shouldn’t be a hassle to take a pill, or take a couple of trips to your doctor to get an implant/IUD